Department of Counselling and Psychology Course Outline
Course Title Honours Research Project
Course Code PSY411-2
Number of Credits 6
Duration of Weeks 30
Contact Hours Per Week
Students work out a schedule of appointments with their supervisors to discuss the progress of their research projects. They are expected to meet with their supervisors at least ten times during the two semesters.
Pre-requisite Course(s)
PSY103 Statistics for Social Sciences
PSY206 Research Methods and Designs
PSY213 Computer Assisted Data Analysis
Course Aims

The course allows students to integrate their psychological knowledge and apply their research skills to conduct research for two semesters. Students will complete a research proposal including literature reviews, research designs and the significance of their studies. They shall also address potential ethical issue in their design and shall go through an ethical clearance procedure.

Following the work accomplished in PSY411, students in this course are expected to start collecting data. With the data being analysed properly, students are required to interpret the findings and conduct a comprehensive discussion for the whole research project through presentation and final write-up.

Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOS)

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

1. Identify problems or areas of interest for research;

2. Review literature in corresponding research fields;

3. Design a study based on the hypothesis;

4. Construct a research presentation;

5. Write up a research proposal in accordance with professionally designated standards;

6. Collect data with proper research methods;

7. Choose suitable means for data analysis;
8. Write a research report for the whole project
Assessment Tasks
Honours Research Project I
Research Plan Presentation
Research Proposal 
Honours Research Project I
Research Presentation
Research Report Writing
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