Master of Social Sciences in Play Therapy (MSScPT) is a new programme offered by the Department of Counselling and Psychology starting from September 2022. The programme is a professional degree that qualifies graduates for becoming qualified play therapists.


The programme is designed to:

1. provide students with a critical understanding of the core theories underlying the practice of play therapy, including their historical development, as well as the current state of knowledge in the field;

2. develop students’ expertise and critical awareness of childhood needs addressed by play therapy, including mental health, special educational needs, well-being and physical health, and social and psychological development;

3. train competent practitioners who can effectively use play therapy skills with a critical understanding of their evidence base;

4. contribute to the development of culturally relevant theory and its application, and to conduct research into play therapy in the context of Hong Kong.


Admission schedule


1st round of application:


Deadline for Application: 8th May, 2022

Interview Day: 27th & 28th May 2022

Release of Results: 15th June 2022


2nd round of application (depends on the availability of places):


Deadline for Application: 20th June, 2022

Interview Day: 25th June, 2022

Release of Results: 11th July, 2022


Application Procedures


Click here to access the online application.


A completed application shall consist of the following documents: - Application form (pdf version/ doc version)  (which include "Passport size photo", "Autobiographical Statement" and "Promotion Survey") - A Photocopy of HKID Card/Passport - An application fee of HK$200 by crossed-cheque to "HONG KONG SHUE YAN UNIVERSITY" (fees paid are not refundable) - Photocopies of degree certificates - Official transcripts are to be sent from post-secondary institutions/universities attended  Please send this form (Transcript Request Form (pdf versiondoc version) to your appropriate officer of institution from which the transcript is requested. SYU graduates need not request transcripts from the Registry, copies of past results will suffice. - A photocopy of each professional qualification obtained as stated on the application form - 2 signed and sealed Referee Reports (pdf versiondoc version)


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