Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Counselling and Psychology

The body of knowledge surrounding the study of Counselling and Psychology is founded in systematic and empirical research as well as in theories. As such, this programme encompasses not only a study of theoretical frameworks, but also their application to real-life situations and their implications for research. It is designed to give students sufficient grounding in most areas of Counselling and Psychology to qualify them for direct entry into any career potentially open to Counselling and Psychology graduates in both the private and the public sectors. For those aspiring to further their education upon graduation, this programme will qualify them for postgraduate training in both Counselling and Psychology.
Four Years
Admission Requirement & Procedures
The University’s traditional learning philosophy and mission emphasize basic bilingual literacy, and a broad-based curriculum with a focus on Chinese culture and contemporary ethics. The popularity of Shue Yan’s programmes is due in part to their vocational orientation. Through research projects, practicums, and an internship programme which begins in Year 2 and finishes in Year 4, students will gain much-needed exposure to the world of work. This will prepare them to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical situations.
This degree programme is a four-year, broad-based programme in which the core courses in Counselling and Psychology comprise 50% of the total credits. The remaining credits cover the areas of language competence, information and communication technology, departmental and non-departmental electives, research and practical work. The minimum number of credits for each semester is 12. The minimum requirement for graduation is 124 credits.