Department of Counselling and Psychology Course Outline
Course Title Human Neuropsychology
Course Code PSY405
Number of Credits 3
Duration of Weeks 15
Contact Hours Per Week 3 hours 
Pre-requisite Course(s)
PSY110 Biological Bases of Behavior
PSY205 Cognitive Psychology
Course Aims
This course aims at explaining how our neurological structure influences our behaviours. Through discussion on different daily activities, for example, how we learn and why feeling is so unique, students can appreciate the delicate architecture of our body. The course also provides an overview of neurological disorders that would be resulted if certain parts of our brain are malfunctioned or damaged. In general, the aim of this course is to enable students to appreciate an interactive relationship between our daily life and the neurological processing. 
Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOS)

After completing this course, students will be able to:

1. explain the importance of understanding neurological processing in explaining our behaviours and its weakness;

2. describe the structures and functions of the nervous system and their development;

3. describe the functional properties of the cerebral cortex;

4. evaluate research methods for brain functions at both the structural and physiological level;

5. gain an overview of the use of neuropsychology in clinical and rehabilitative practices; and

6. give a neurological account of higher cognitive functions
Assessment Tasks
Class Attendance and Participation
Journal Critique
Mini Quizzes
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