Sleep, Mood, and Personality Disorders Neuroscience Joint LABORATORY

Sleep, Mood, and Personality Disorders Neuroscience Joint Laboratory

Welcome to the Sleep, Mood, and Personality Disorders Neuroscience Joint Laboratory! Our collaborative research facility brings together experts from diverse fields to explore the intricate connections between sleep, mood disorders, personality disorders, and the underlying neural mechanisms.

At our joint lab, we are driven by a shared mission to advance our understanding of the complex relationships between sleep, mood, and personality disorders. By combining expertise from neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, and related disciplines, we aim to unravel the underlying biological, psychological, and social factors that contribute to these conditions.

Our lab conducts cutting-edge research using state-of-the-art neuroimaging techniques, behavioral assessments, and psychophysiological measurements. We investigate how sleep disturbances, mood dysregulation, and maladaptive personality traits interact, influence one another, and impact overall mental health and well-being.

With our collaborative efforts, we strive to identify biomarkers, genetic factors, and neural circuitry associated with sleep, mood, and personality disorders. By deepening our understanding of the underlying mechanisms, we aim to develop innovative diagnostic tools and personalized treatment approaches that can improve patient outcomes.

In addition to our research endeavors, our joint lab serves as a hub for interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange. We foster an inclusive and collaborative environment that encourages dialogue, idea sharing, and fruitful partnerships. We actively engage students, researchers, and clinicians who are passionate about advancing the field and making a positive impact on individuals affected by these disorders.

Through our joint lab's publications, presentations, and community outreach, we aim to disseminate our findings and contribute to the wider scientific community. By sharing our knowledge, we seek to drive progress in the field of sleep, mood, and personality disorders and inspire further research and innovation.  



我們聯合實驗室的共同使命是增進對睡眠、情緒和人格障礙之間複雜關係的理解。 透過結合腦神經科學、心理學、精神病學和相關學科的專業知識,我們的目標是揭示導致這些疾病的潛在生物、心理和社會因素。


透過我們的共同努力,我們致力識別與睡眠、情緒和人格障礙相關的生物標記、遺傳因素和腦神經心理機制。 透過加深對潛在機制的理解,我們的目標是開發創新的診斷工具和治療方法,以改善患者的治療結果。

除了我們的研究工作外,我們的聯合實驗室也可作為是跨學科合作和知識交流的中心。 我們創造一個包容和協作的環境,鼓勵分享想法和富有成效的夥伴關係。我們積極吸引熱衷於推動及改善睡眠、情緒和人格障礙有關神經科學發展的學生、學者和臨床醫生或治療師加入討論及研究。

透過我們聯合實驗室的出版物、演講和社區推廣,我們的目標是廣傳我們的研究結果並為更廣泛的心理及科學界做出貢獻。 透過分享我們的知識,我們致力推動睡眠、情緒和人格障礙領域的進步,並激發進一步的研究和創新。


Academic Faculty Members:

余啟程教授 (Prof. Calvin Kai-Ching YU) [Founding Member]
 Department Head and Professor
 Director, Counselling and Research Centre
 Director, Neuropsychology Laboratory 
 Department of Counselling Psychology, Hong Kong Shue Yan   University
Research interests:
              -             Dreaming
        -          Analytic Investigation and Assessment of Neurological and Psychiatric Patients

        -          Integration of Psychoanalytic and Neuroscientific Models of the Mind


Ph.D., University of Cape Town, S.A.
M.Sc., University College London, U.K.
M.Sc., University College London and the Anna Freud Centre, U.K.
Grad.Dip., University College London, U.K.
B.Sc., Middlesex University, U.K.
Hon.Dip., Hong Kong Shue Yan University, H.K.


林康廣教授  (Prof. Kangguang LIN) [Honorary Consultant]

學歷及職銜:香港大學心理學博士、博士生導師、主任醫師、教授、科主任。 廣州醫科大學附設腦科醫院情感障礙科。

社會服務:廣州心理學會副會長、廣東省腦科學應用學會副會長、廣東保健協會睡眠與心理分會榮譽會診,中國認知科學學會認知與腦調控分會副秘書長、中華醫學會精神科 分會雙相障礙研究協作組委員


主要研究興趣: 青少年情緒問題(包括憂鬱、焦慮、躁鬱症)早期辨識、轉歸、病理機轉及非藥物介入。


擅長: 躁鬱症、憂鬱症、焦慮症、睡眠障礙、情緒不穩定、強迫障礙、通常起病兒童和青少年的情緒和行為異常的診治,尤其疑難病例的治療。


主持國家、省市級課題近10項,發表論文100餘篇,其中SCI收錄論文70餘篇包括JAMA PsychiatryAm J PsychiatryClin Psychol Rev等。


Email address:


Dr. Bess Yin-Hung LAM (林嫣紅博士)[Founding Member] 
Associate Head and Assistant Professor
Director, Master of Social Sciences in Psychology Program
Department of Counselling Psychology, Hong Kong Shue Yan University
Other titles: Communications Committee (2024) and Chair of 2023 Program Committee, Society for Social Neuroscience (s4sn); Executive Counselor (2020-2023), Division of Biopsychosocial Criminology at the American Society of Criminology
Research interests:
-          Neuropsychology
-          Neurocriminology
-          Antisocial behavior
-          Youth mental health
-          Schizophrenia-spectrum disorders
Phd in Psychology (The University of Hong Kong)
Mphil in Psychology (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Bachelor of Science in Psychology (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)

Graduate Student Members:

Ms. WONG Ho Lam Melissa(黃澔霖)(Ph.D. Student)
Mr. SUNG Kwan Kit Marco(宋均傑)(Ph.D. Student)
Mx. HOU Yanwen Schuyler(侯彦雯)(Ph.D. Student)