Suggested Areas of Concentration

For students who wish to apply their knowledge of Psychology in the business world, the suggested electives listed below should give them adequate preparation to become management trainees. 

Suggested Departmental Electives or Other Electives
PSY 303 Health Psychology
PSY 306 Business Psychology
PSY 309 Industrial and Organizational Psychology
PSY 320 Motivation and Learning
PSY 461  Industrial Attachment

*Students who would like to pursue in Work and Organizational Psychology Concentration should be alerted about the limited seats offered in PSY 461 in each academic year. You may be arranged to take this course in either Year 3 or 4.

Students who are interested in pursuing the education aspects of Psychology, the following electives are recommended.

Suggested Departmental Electives
COUN 320 School Counselling
COUN 370 Counselling Students with Special Education Needs
COUN 450 Career and Employment Counselling
PSY 307 Educational Psychology
PSY 320     Motivation and Learning

*Students who would like to pursue in School Psychology Concentration should enroll COUN200 themselves to fulfil the pre-requisite of COUN 450.

Students who are interested in entering the health care or counselling sectors are advised to take the following electives.

Suggested Departmental Electives
COUN 200  Theories and Systems in Counselling and Psychotherapy
COUN 210 Micro-Skills in Counselling and Psychotherapy
COUN 310 Advanced Skills in Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy
COUN 330 Ethics: Professional Issues and Personal  Awareness
PSY 303   Health Psychology

*Students who would like to pursue in Health and General Counselling Concentration should enroll COUN110 themselves to fulfil the pre-requisite of COUN 310.

Students who are interested in research or Cognitive Psychology, the following electives are available

Suggested Departmental Electives
PSY 310    Advanced Cognitive Psychology
PSY 311-2 Research Internship 
PSY 404  Psychology of Consciousness
PSY 405 Human Neuropsychology
PSY 406 Specific Issues in Neuroscience