MSocSc in Play Therapy Admission is now open!

Master of Social Sciences in Play Therapy
(Two-Year Full Time or Three Part Time)
2022/23 Admission
Admission schedule

1st round of application:
Deadline for Application: 8th May, 2022
Interview Day: 27th & 28th May 2022
Release of Results: 15th June 2022

2nd round of application (depends on the availability of places):
Deadline for Application: 20th June, 2022
Interview Day: 25th June, 2022
Release of Results: 11th July, 2022

Please kindly visit our website if you would like to know more about the Master of Social Sciences in Play Therapy.

For any inquiry, please contact us via email to mplaytherapy@hksyu.edu;
Tel: 28065197

MSocSc in Counselling Psychology Information Seminar 2022

The Master of Social Sciences in Counselling Psychology
(Two-Year Full Time or Three/Four-Year Part Time)
2022/23 Admission

Information Seminar

Date: 21 January 2022 (Friday)
Time: 7:00pm
Mode: Zoom

Please find the link, meeting ID and passcode as below.


Meeting ID: 942 7843 2085
Passcode: MSSCP2022

樹仁五十周年校慶學術活動 - 精神分析在中國百年回顧


1921年朱光潛撰寫《福魯德的隱意識說與心理分析》一文,是中國首篇比較詳盡介紹精神分析的著作。今年適逢此篇文章發表的一百週年,樹仁大學輔導及心理學系、以及樹仁大學正向技術及虛擬實境實驗室在二零二一年六月二十六日(星期六)合辦「精神分析在中國百年」講座系列,歡迎樹仁大學師生及公眾參與。只需到時候登入以下zoom 網址,即可以加入是次講座。

加入 Zoom 會議
會議 ID:928 7932 0256


二零二一年六月二十六日 (星期六)
講者:張歷君教授 (中文大學語言及文學系)
主持:符瑋博士 (樹仁大學輔導及心理學系)

嘉賓:楊俊賢先生 (香港年青哲學家、好青年荼毒室創辦人、港台節目哲學有偈傾主持)
主持:符瑋博士 (樹仁大學輔導及心理學系)

嘉賓:韓麗珠女士 (香港著名作家、2018年藝術發展局年度藝術家(文學藝術)、2020年台北國際書展大獎非小說類首獎)
Janet Boyce 女士 (心理治療師, 曾於樹仁大學輔導及心理學系任教)

第四節:三十年代的拉康 (lacan and the avant grade) 及Minotaure 雜誌
主持:符瑋博士 (樹仁大學輔導及心理學系)

IIDS Online Lecture [Register NOW!]

Professor Amael Arguel from the Department of Cognitive Psychology and Ergonomics in the University of Toulouse will give us an online lecture on "The impact of epistemic emotions in digital learning environments" on 9th Nov (5 - 6:30 pm). In this online lecture he will discuss the features of digital learning environments that may stimulate epistemic emotions such as confusion and frustration, which in turn, influence the efficiency of online learning.

ZOOM Lecture about Affective Computing [Register Now!]

Prof Sidney D’Mello from the Institute of Cognitive Science of the University of Colorado Boulder will give an online ZOOM lecture about affective computing for us on 3rd Nov 2020 (10:30am - 12 pm).

Prof. D’Mello is a leading scholar in affective and attentional computing, multimodal interaction, and intelligent learning environment. His research integrates computer science and affective science to study the causes and consequences of different affective and cognitive states (e.g., confusion, boredom, mind wandering) in the learning environment. In this online lecture, he will discuss studies that utilize signal processing and machine learning techniques for understanding learning emotions in the digital learning environment.

Master of Social Sciences in Psychology Information Seminar

The information seminar and mock lecture of the Maser of Social Science in Psychology has been conducted on 18th Sept 2020

In the seminar, Dr. Jason Chow, the program director has introduced the program structure, application requirements and procedures. Our current and former students have shared their learning experience in the program. Dr. Bobo Lau also gave a mock lecture on "Finding the silver-lining in the unprecedented storm: Local experience of self-compassion and growth in Covid-19