ZOOM Lecture about Affective Computing [Register Now!]

Prof Sidney D’Mello from the Institute of Cognitive Science of the University of Colorado Boulder will give an online ZOOM lecture about affective computing for us on 3rd Nov 2020 (10:30am - 12 pm).

Prof. D’Mello is a leading scholar in affective and attentional computing, multimodal interaction, and intelligent learning environment. His research integrates computer science and affective science to study the causes and consequences of different affective and cognitive states (e.g., confusion, boredom, mind wandering) in the learning environment. In this online lecture, he will discuss studies that utilize signal processing and machine learning techniques for understanding learning emotions in the digital learning environment.

Master of Social Sciences in Psychology Information Seminar

The information seminar and mock lecture of the Maser of Social Science in Psychology has been conducted on 18th Sept 2020

In the seminar, Dr. Jason Chow, the program director has introduced the program structure, application requirements and procedures. Our current and former students have shared their learning experience in the program. Dr. Bobo Lau also gave a mock lecture on "Finding the silver-lining in the unprecedented storm: Local experience of self-compassion and growth in Covid-19

Information Seminar for PsyD Programme

8 May 2020
7:30pm at RLB3030
On-Campus and Live Stream

A mini lecture by Dr. Lan-Sze Pang, Programme Director, on How the COVID-19 Pandemic will Bring Revolutionary Change in the Culture of Psychotherapy Practice and Training