Enhancing Resiliency in Children and Practitioners: Play Therapy Practice, Education and Research

With the commencement of Hong Kong’s first locally-developed Master’s professional training programme in Play Therapy at Hong Kong Shue Yan University, the status of the field is entering a new era in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Shue Yan University, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Academy of Play Therapy, Australasia Pacific Play Therapy Association, and the Asian Professional Counselling and Psychology Association are pleased to announce an international conference entitled:

Enhancing Resiliency in Children and Practitioners: Play Therapy Practice, Education and Research

The conference will take place at Hong Kong Shue Yan University’s Research Complex over Friday 1st September to Saturday 2nd September.

This international play therapy conference aims to bring together professionals, researchers, students, and interested members of the public to explore the role that play therapy will have in supporting healthy, happy and resilient children in our society. Both locally and internationally recognized authorities in the field of play therapy will be invited to share contemporary developments in research and practice, as well as the challenges in adapting play therapy practice to the cultural context of Hong Kong.

The conference invites paper presentations related to six research themes relevant to either child work or contemporary play therapy practice:

·         Conference Theme 1: Resilience in Children

·         Conference Theme 2: Children with Special Needs or Trauma

·         Conference Theme 3: Technology and Advance in Play Therapy, Digital Play, Play in Virtual Reality

·         Conference Theme 4: Professional development of play therapists/resilience of practitioners during the Pandemic

·         Conference Theme 5: Play Therapy Training, Education and Supervision

·         Conference Theme 6: Evidence-based Effectiveness Studies in Play Therapy


Two internationally renowned leaders in the field of play therapy are keynote speakers for this event:

  • Prof Sue Bratton (Professor Emerita, University of North Texas, and Director Emerita, UNT Center for Play Therapy)
  • Dr Judi Parson (Discipline Leader for Play Therapy in the School of Health and Social Development, Deakin University)


A pre-conference workshop will be offered on Thursday 31st August, entitled:

Creative and Integrative Ways to Connect Children and Adolescents to Their Story

By Dr Judi Parson and Ms Sarah Hickson


A post-conference workshop will be held on Sunday 3rd August, entitled:

The Power of Involving Parents / Families In the Play Therapy Process to Facilitate The Child’s Healing

By Prof Sue Bratton


More details about the conference and registration can be found at: https://playconference.hksyu.edu/


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