Advances in Play Therapy Research: An Inter-cultural Dialogue (conference in HKSYU over 25-28 July 2024)


We would like to warmly welcome you to our conference entitled Advances in Play Therapy Research: An Inter-cultural Dialogue, planned over 25-28 July 2024!

Play therapy research has come a long way in supporting the value of play therapy for children and their families. A large and continually growing body of evidence shows that play therapy practice really works to help children overcome many challenges, and in diverse contexts. Research also holds the potential to further develop our understanding of why play therapy works, by studying its psychological, neurobiological and interpersonal processes. Advances in digital technology continue to offer new possibilities for play therapy intervention, and what they might bring.

The aim of this conference is to connect both international and local practitioners and researchers of play therapy, and to share the fruits of their work with one another, and an interested audience of students, professionals and members of the public. It is hoped that the activities may create facilitate future collaboration between practitioners and researchers to continue to develop the field. Hopefully the conference provides an opportunity to find ways in which play therapy can be most relevant and effective in helping children and their families meet the challenges of contemporary society in Hong Kong, China and other places in the world.  It is hoped that by creating dialogue between local and international experts around the challenges of culture in play therapy practice, this aim can be realized.

We invite abstract submissions on the following conference themes:

Theme 1: The evidence for play therapy

Theme 2: The relationship and process of play therapy

Theme 3: Cultural contextualization in play therapy

Theme 4: Advances and digitalization of play therapy practice

Theme 5: Play therapy education and training in cultural context

Theme 6: Resilience and Wellbeing in Children and Families


We are proud to offer keynote addresses and pre- and post-conference workshops by world renowned figures in the play therapy field:

Professor Sue Bratton:

Professor Emerita, University of North Texas, and Director Emerita, UNT Center for Play Therapy

Professor Dee Ray:

Regents Professor and Elaine Millikan Mathes Professor in Early Childhood Education in the Counseling Program and Co-Director of the Center for Play Therapy at the University of North Texas

Professor Judi Parson:

Associate Professor and Discipline Leader for Play Therapy at Deakin University, Australia, and Honorary Professor at Hong Kong Shue Yan University

Dr Akiko Ohnogi:

Co-founder of the Japan Association for Play Therapy (JAPT) and the International Consortium of Play Therapy Associations (IC-PTA).

Dr Tom Yuen:

Chair of Hong Kong Academy of Play Therapy; Founder of Positive Counselling and Play Therapy


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