The major objective of the lab is to understand the interplay among cognitive, motivational, emotional and environmental factors that affect teaching and learning.As a resource centre, the laboratory also houses a wide range of technological assistive devices and counselling tools for counselling and educational practices at schools.



Dr. Jason CHOW
Ph.D. in Psychology, The University of Hong Kong
BSS (Psychology and Economics), The University of Hong Kong 
Dr. Raysen CHEUNG

Ph.D. in Vocational Psychology, Loughborough University, United Kingdom 
M.Sc. Occupational Psychology, University of London, United Kingdom
MBA, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom 
B.Soc.Sc., The University of Hong Kong

Our lab aims to understand the interplay among cognitive, motivational, emotional and environmental factors that affect teaching and learning. We are actively engaged in the application of psychological theories and research findings to promote the growth of teachers and students. In particular, our team is currently interested in studying a wide range of topics that are related to 

1) the self-regulatory processes and achievement motivation of students 
2) the career readiness of postsecondary students 
3) mindfulness and self-compassion interventions for teachers and students 
4) the psychology of E-learning 

1. Exploring how self-control training improves self-control performance: An experience sampling study.
(Funded by Research Grants Council, Project No. UGC/FDS15/H03/16)
PI: Dr Jason CHOW

2. Vocational Identity, career development and graduate Adjustment: A longitudinal study of sub-degree students in Hong Kong
(Funded by Research Grants Council, Project No. UGC/FDS15/H06/18) 
: Dr Raysen CHEUNG

3. Exploring the role of self-compassion in students’ self-control 
PI: Dr Jason CHOW 

4. Teachers’ motivation and efficacy of using E-learning tools 
PI: Dr Jason CHOW 

5. Enhancing personal growth and well-being through Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) Training
PI: Dr Raysen CHEUNG

Selected Publications:

Yeung, N.C.Y., & Chow, T.S. (2019). Coping with my own way: Mediating roles of emotional expression and social support seeking in the associations between individual differences and post-traumatic growth. Health Psychology Open, 6(1), 2055102919846596.

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Selected conference presentations:

Cheung R. (June, 2016). Development of perceived employability among university students in the Hong Kong, Presented in 2016 Hong Kong Psychological Society Annual Conference, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

Cheung R. & Jin, Q. (May, 2016). Leaving hometown for college: Its implications for vocational identity development of college students in China. Presented in 2016 Asian Pacific Career Development Annual Conference, Taipei, Taiwan.

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Chow, T.S., Tang, L. H*., & Lam, S. M. (June, 2018). Subjective fatigue does not reduce vigorous physical exercises when people believe that willpower is non-limited. Poster presented at the 9th European Conference of Positive Psychology, Budapest, Hungary.

Chow, T. S., Hui, C. M., & Lam, S.M. (June, 2018). Improving self-control and subjective well-being by a three-week self-control training program. An experience sampling study. Oral presentation in the 9th European Conference of Positive Psychology, Budapest, Hungary.

Chow T.S., Hui, C. M., & Lam, S. M. (May, 2018). Individual differences in everyday self-control conflicts: An experience sampling study. Poster presented for the annual meeting of the Association for Psychological Science, San Francisco.

Chow, T. S. (Mar, 2017). Search for meaning in life predicts prosocial behaviour. Poster accepted for the annual meeting of the second biennial International Convention of Psychology Science, Vienna, Austria.

Chow, T. S., & Wan, H. Y*. (Feb, 2017). Who will develop depression after checking Facebook? Poster accepted for the annual meeting of the Society of Personality and Social Psychology, San Antonio.