The Play Therapy Research and Practice Lab is a well- equipped multi- purpose laboratory for the use of our students, staff, research collaborators and play therapy service users. Located at RLG306 room A and B, two separate rooms are professionally designed and equipped for play therapy practice, family consultations, observations, training, and research practice. We encourage the development of play therapy practice and related research. We strive to train professional play therapists who will serve children and their families in Hong Kong Community.

   Director- Dr. CHUNG, Man-chi Sandrine

     Assistant Professor 
     Evidence Base Project Coordinator, MSS in Play Therapy Programme

   Member- Dr. Zhou, Dehui Ruth

    Associate Head
    Associate Professor 
    Director, MSS in Play Therapy Programme

   Member- Dr. CONNOLLY, J. Patrick

     Assistant Professor 
     Practicum Coordinator, MSS in Play Therapy Programme

   Member- Ms. KWOK, Yin Ling Bonita

     Lecturer, MSS in Play Therapy

Our Mission:

1.      Offer education and advice about play therapy skills and how play therapy can support the mental health and well-being of children across Hong Kong.
2.      Provide a quality play therapy venue designed for the training of professional play therapists
3.      Support undergraduate and postgraduate students’ learning of play therapy by developing and disseminating play therapy training materials and videos.
4.      Provide a resourceful and professional play therapy setting for students and faculty members to engage in research activities concerning play therapy and play-based approaches.
5.      Promote intra- and inter-disciplinary dialogue and research collaboration.
6.      Empower child participants and their families to positively engage, perform, and participant in life and understand their mental health needs.
7.      Inform relevant academic programs, professional bodies, the community and the policy makers about the importance of play therapy.