Department of Counselling and Psychology Course Outline
Course Title Internship in Counselling I and II
Course Code COUN461-2
Number of Credits 8
Duration Throughout Year 4 Study
Pre-requisite Course(s) COUN230 Personal experience as Counsellee
COUN240 Pre-internship in Counselling
COUN310 Advanced Skills in Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy
COUN340 Advanced Skills in Group Facilitation
Course Aims
At the successful completion of COUN 230 and 240, COUN 310, COUN 340, students are now ready to try their hand at counselling. Internship training places students in real counselling situations under the dual supervision of agency supervisors and University supervisors. Internship provides the opportunity to apply theories learnt in class, and skills practiced both in class and during pre-internship training to real-life situations. It allows students to test the boundaries of their knowledge and skills, and is the formal opening to a career in counselling.
Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOS)

After completing the course, students should be able to:

1. engage in professional counselling activities;
2. apply theories to practice;
3. enhance their professional development through clinical supervision, critical reflection and report writing;
4. reflect on the wider policies, procedures and contexts of the agencies/ institutions providing the internship training;
5. develop a life-long habit of professional learning and personal growth;
6. extend their self-awareness and achieve a sense of identity with future career; and
7. develop a critical approach to practice open-mindedness to new ideas and evaluate attitudes towards their performance leading to future career development.
Assessment Tasks
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