Department of Counselling and Psychology Course Outline
Course Title Personal Experience as Counsellee
Course Code COUN230
Number of Credits Nil
Duration Throughout Year 1 to Year 3 Study
Pre-requisite Course(s) N/A
Course Aims
It is our belief that a doctor cannot become a good doctor unless he/she fully comprehends what it is like to be patient, and likewise, a counsellor cannot become a good counsellor until he/she has experienced what it is like to be counselled . Therefore, students are required to receive 30 hours of counselling by the end of their third year in the degree programme. Students may seek counselling service from qualified counsellors offering psychological counselling. Qualification required can be found in Internship manual, and students shall seek approval to their counsellors' qualification from the department in advance. Students shall take note to the potential fee required for counselling services. Alternatively, students may receive counselling service from Counselling and Research Center (HKSYU) with a nominal fee. This is one of the pre-requisites for the“Internship in Counselling” (COUN 461-2).
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