Department of Counselling and Psychology Course Outline
Course Title Theories & Systems in Counselling and Psychotherapy
Course Code COUN200
Number of Credits 3
Duration of Weeks 15
Contact Hours Per Week 2 hours Lecture; 1 hour Tutorial
Pre-requisite Course(s)
PSY100 Introductory Psychology
PSY110 Biological Bases of Behavior
PSY120 Lifespan Developmental Psychology
Course Aims
The aim of this course is to enable students to become familiar with an overview of the major psychotherapeutic theories and systems available to modern-day practitioners. Students will be introduced to each system by considering its historical context, theoretical approach, basic concepts of human development, and the therapeutic process, its suitability in multicultural dimensions, particularly in Asia, and current practice and research directions. Students will also develop an understanding of the ethical and professional role required of an effective counsellor.
Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOS)
After completing the course, students should be able to:
1. distinguish between analytic, affective, behavioral, and cognitive theories and systems, and demonstrate an understanding of their historical context and theory of human development;
2. identify the characteristics of an effective counsellor and know which of their own values support or hinder the process of counselling;
3. conceptualize case studies, and to know the principles / the framework in choosing the most appropriate system;
4. develop an ethical framework for decision making within the counselling context and apply this to case studies; and
5. articulate an awareness of the cultural basis of the studied theories and the implications for counselling diverse populations.


Assessment Tasks
Class Participation
Group Workshop and Group Report
Individual Case Study Report
Final Examination
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