Dr. CHUNG, Man-chi Sandrine

Assistant Professor
Evidence Base Project Coordinator, MSS in Play Therapy Programme
Director, Play Therapy Research and Practice Laboratory




- Child development
- Developmental psychology
- Executive functioning in early childhood 
- Play and learning 

Doctor of Philosophy, 
Developmental psychology and psycholinguistics,
The Education University of Hong Kong

Master of Education, 
Educational and developmental psychology, 
The Education University of Hong Kong

Bachelor of Arts in General Studies, 
Psychology and Business
Indiana University (Bloomington)

Chung, M. C. (In press). Rethinking play in preschool classroom: the cognitive, affective and contextual roles of constructive play in storytelling and retelling performance.

Wong, S. W., Cheng, R. W. Y., Chow, B. W. Y., & Chung, S. M. C. (2019). The Link Between a Set of Tangram-Based Tasks and Chinese and English Reading and Related Skills Among Chinese Kindergarteners. AERAOpen, 5(1), 2332858419829723.

Chung, S. M. C. (2021). Rethinking play in preschool classrooms:  The cognitive, affective and contextual roles of constructive play in storytelling and retelling performance. Learning and Teaching Expo, Hong Kong. 

Chung, S. M. C. (2021). Bricks play and creative storytelling: a constructive approach to enhance pre-schoolers’ micro- and macrostructural discourse elements in oral language. 2021Children’s Development and Healing. WuHan, China & Hong Kong. 

Chung, S. M. C. (2019). The effects of classroom activities on 5-year-old children’s story retelling performance. The Fifth International Conference on Linguistics and Language Studies. Hong Kong. 

Chung, S. M. C. (2016). The effects of three different play activities on preschool children’s storytelling and retelling skills. The International Postgraduate Roundtable and Research Forum cum Summer School. Hong Kong  

Department of Psychology,
The Education University of Hong Kong
Departmental Research Grant- HKD100,000

Title of project: Comics as assistive tools for reading and learning development: a meta-analysis 

PSY100 Introductory Psychology
PSY304 Psychological Assessment
PSY307 Educational Psychology

PSY320 Motivation and Learning

PSY340 Advanced Developmental Psychology
PSY401 Research thesis I
PSY402 Research thesis II
PSY403 Research thesis III
PSY411 Honors research project I & 


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Email: mcchung@hksyu.edu

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