Department of Counselling and Psychology Course outline
Programme Master of Social Sciences in Counselling Psychology
Course Title Externship
Course Code CP525 - 527
Number of Credits 9 ( 3 credits per course)
Duration of Weeks 15
Supervision Hours: Students work out a schedule of appointments with their clinical supervisors to discuss the progress of their clinical work. They are required to meet regularly with their clinical supervisors on both individual and group bases. The minimum number of supervision hours is 13. The recommended ratio of individual supervision hours to group supervision hours is 10:3. (Students are required to work two full weekdays per week in Externship)
Course Aims
At the successful completion of the Internship (CP524), and at least one course in Clinical Practicum, students are deemed to be qualified to enter into the Externship programme (CP525-527). There are three externships, 29 days each, making a total of 87 days or 690 hours. Externship provides students with various opportunities to integrate and apply theories and practice in Counselling Psychology in real life settings. With the input of group and individual supervision throughout the externships, students are encouraged to develop their theoretical approach to psychotherapy and to establish their professional competence and professional identities as counselling psychologists.

Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOS)

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

1. Integrate theory with practice by engaging in appropriate case conceptualization, treatment planning, implementing strategies & techniques in a competent way, and appropriately terminating the case using one of the acceptable methods.

2. Demonstrate growing professional competence through participating in individual and group supervision.

3. Provide case recording and demonstrate competent report writing.

4. Demonstrate an understanding of ethical professional practice in their own practices.

5. Demonstrate reflective knowledge of policies, procedures and contexts of the agencies/institutions providing the externship training.

6. Exhibit sensitivity to multicultural issues and respect for cross-cultural differences in their professional practice.

7. Engage in an on-going process of self-reflection and self-evaluation in their personal and professional development

8. Express openness to learning and flexibility in their case management and supervision process.


Students are permitted to take a written exam upon the completion of CP524 Internship and one course in Clinical Practicum prior enrolment for CP525 Externship. A passing grade of 70% will be required for students who enter Externship with no condition and any students obtain grade below of 70% are required to participate in a remedial training offer by the department prior their Externship training. They are expected to complete a minimum of 230 hours or 29 full days within each externship and a total of 690 hours or 87 full days within the three externships. Students are to be involved in both individual and group work in the externships. In each externship, students are required to complete 50 hours of direct face-to-face individual Counselling / psychotherapy / assessment sessions, and conduct at least 10 hours of group counselling / psychotherapy / psychoeducation session (i.e. at least one psychoeducational or psychotherapeutic group). Other than direct contact with clients, students should learn how to handle relevant documentation, such as case intake reporting, progress notes, assessment reports and other clinical documentation required by the agencies concerned. Additionally, students should take the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the agency culture by reading available brochures and documents, and participate in the agencies’ activities. Students are expected to provide culturally-appropriate professional services to the agencies as well to their clients.

Layout of Externship
Table 1: Layout of Externship – Duration Externship
Period and Prerequisite
Externship I
Concurrent Externship 2 to 3 days per week; 230 hours
May 1st to August 31st after completion of Internship and one course in Clinical Practicum 
Externship II
Concurrent Externship 2 to 3 days per week; 230 hours
September 1st to December 31st of the following year, after completion of Externship I. 
Externship III
Concurrent Externship 2 to 3 days per week; 230 hours
January 1st to April 30th, after completion of Externship II.
Externship I , II & III

A total of 690 hours or 87 full days over 11 to 12 months (in a consecutive sequence)


Table 2: Layout of Externships I, II & III – Foci Hours of contact
Direct client contact
A minimum of 150 hours in therapeutic work for three externships (i.e 50 hours each Externship period)
These includes individual counselling session, intake session, assessment session, screening session, face-to –face parent/staff consultation (phone consultation is not counted), follow-up session, limited situation based consultation.

Direct group work

A minimum of 30 hours in groups (therapeutic or psychoeducational) for three externships (i.e 10 hours each Externship period)
These includes counselling group, psychoeducational group, workshop, outreach seminar, training-session for staff, public education, one-time talk. Students are highly encouraged to conduct at least ONE continuing group counselling, instead of several workshops or talks.
Clinical supervision – Individual
Weekly supervision and a minimum of 13 individual supervision hours for each externship. Hence, a minimum of 39 individual supervision hours for the three externships.
Clinical supervision is provided by the University, and attendance is compulsory. Normally, students meet with their Clinical Supervisors on a weekly basis during the course of the externship. Externs are expected to attend the assigned supervision session allocated by their clinical supervisors.
Clinical supervision – Group
Monthly supervision and a minimum of 9 group supervision hours for three externships.
Administrative Supervision
Students are strongly recommended to report to their Administrative Supervisor on a weekly basis regarding work progress and to address matters related to Externships.
Agency contact time
Apart from direct client contact, students are to be involved in the work of the agencies as deemed appropriate by both the University Clinical Supervisor and the Agency Administrative Supervisor.
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