Department of Counselling and Psychology Course outline
Programme Master of Social Sciences in Counselling Psychology
Course Title Clinical Seminar: Mental Health Counselling
Course Code CP505
Number of Credits 3
Duration of Weeks 15
Contact Hours Per Week 3 hours Lecture
Pre-requisite Course(s) CP524 Internship
Co-requisite Courses(s) CP525, CP526 or CP527 Externship I, II or III
Dimension Practice
Course Aims
This course aims to allow students utilizing the clinical skills then integrating into their Internship and Externship I/II/III (which are the Co-requisite courses). Students will be learning specific counselling and communication skills with individuals diagnosed with various severe psychological disorders. They will learn these skills via case demonstration and role plays. Live supervision will be provided throughout entire class period. Students will also learn the management skills as well as clinical conceptualization of mental health issues. This course will also introduce to students other diagnostic tools used in Asian culture, such as the ICD system in Hong Kong and other places mainly by the psychiatrists, and the CCMD system in Mainland. Discussion of differences and similarities of the diagnostic systems as well as the implications on mental health counselling will be conducted throughout the course. Relevant research and diagnostic issues regarding ICD system and DSM will be including in the lecture.
Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOS)

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

1. Describe fundamental concepts of psychological disorders and mental health, learning about the ways to make appropriate diagnoses by using the guideline of DSM-5-TR, as well as the common psychotropic medication prescribed by psychiatrists for clinical disorders..
2. Apply skills in clinical evaluation techniques, and apply these techniques appropriately, professionally, and ethically in clinical settings.


3. Provide psychological remedial, preventive, or educative-developmental services to clients reflecting via class discussion, presentation and internship or externship experiences.
4. Evaluate critically the strengths and limitations of different assessment, psychological remedial, preventive, or educative-developmental works as well as discrepancy of mental health system in Hong Kong, controversial issues, during class discussion, presentation and internship or externship experiences.

Assessment Tasks
Clinical Vignettes Skill Demonstration
Case Presentation
Final Report
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