Department of Counselling and Psychology Course outline
Programme Master of Social Sciences in Counselling Psychology
Course Title Clinical Seminar: School Psychology & Counselling
Course Code CP507
Number of Credits 3
Duration of Weeks 15
Contact Hours Per Week 3 hours Lecture
Pre-requisite Course(s) CP524 Internship
Co-requisite Courses(s) CP525, CP526 or CP527 Externship I, II or III
Dimension Practice
Course Aims
This course is designed to introduce students to school psychology and counselling, an area where the practice of counselling psychology is considered to be of central importance to the integrated approach now commonly adopted in most schools in Hong Kong. Students will be provided with adequate knowledge and techniques working in the Hong Kong school system, and they are expected to translate what they have learnt and integrate it into their Externship experiences in school settings.
Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOS)

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

1. Identify the professional counselling roles within the school system.

2. Evaluate common school-based intervention programs.

3. Identify various learning and developmental needs of students in the school system.


4. Apply suitable screening assessments for problems impacting students’ learning and psychological being.

5. Practice individual and group counselling skills with students, parents and teaching staff in school settings.

Assessment Tasks
Participation and Practice
MC Quiz on SEN topics
Individual Case Presentation & Discussion
Group Proposal Report
5 Individualized Learning Portfolio 40%
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