Department of Counselling and Psychology Course outline
Programme Master of Social Sciences in Counselling Psychology
Course Title Clinical Practicum: Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Course Code CP503
Number of Credits 3
Duration of Weeks 15
Contact Hours Per Week 3 hours Lecture
Pre-requisite Course(s) CP514 Psychotherapy I or CP515 Psychotherapy II
Co-requisite Courses(s) Either Internship CP524 or Externship (CP525, CP526 or CP527)
Dimension Practice
Course Aims
This course strives to provide students with a broad sweep of theory, skills, and techniques, including cognitive and behavioral strategies for their therapeutic arsenal. The strategies and techniques drawn from Cognitive Behavior Therapy, including the most innovative Schema Therapy with its theory and techniques which is a more advanced application of CBT, will enable students work more effectively as counselling psychologists. Cultural factors as well as ethical concerns in related to this theoretical orientation will also be discussed.
Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOS)

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

1. Describe how cognitive distortions, misconceptions, and errors create psychological problems and how behavioral manifestation can develop into major psychological problems.

2. Use the assessment tools of the model to enhance the process and outcome of psychotherapy.

3. Formulate conceptualization of clinical cases in accordance with the methodological structure of the model.

4. Apply intervention skills of the model to work with clients.


5. Identify strengths and limitations of this model, particularly with respect to the applicability of this model to Chinese and Hong Kong individuals and culture.

Assessment Tasks
Class Exercise and Discussion
Individual Case Presentation
Final Report
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