Dr. LAU, Kam Lun Edmond

Associate Professor
Capstone Coordinator of BSS (Hons) in Counselling and Psychology Programme

Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology, University of Surrey, UK
Bachelor of Arts, University of Hong Kong, HK
- Police Psychology
- Criminal Behaviours
- Positive Psychology
- Community Mental Health

Lau, E.K.L. (July, 2022). Decoding Social Unrest for Tideriders (DSUT) – Resilience Programme for Police Officers. The Asian Conference of Criminal & Operations Psychology, Singapore.

Lau, E.K.L. (August, 2018). A Resilience Building Programme for Hong Kong Police Officers. The Global Mental Health Symposium, Washington, USA.

Lau, E.K.L. (August, 2012). The Practice of Positive Psychology in Hong Kong Police Force. The European Conference on Positive Psychology, Moscow. 

PSY 308 Human Sexuality 
PSY 350 Criminal Psychology
PSY 371 Research Project I
PSY 373 Capstone Project I
CP 524/ CP 525 Internship / Externship I
CP 526 CP Externship II
CP 527 Externship II
MPhil/PhD Supervisor
Office:  Hong Kong Shue Yan University
             10 Wai Tsui Crescent, Braemer Hill,
              North Point, Hong Kong
Email: kllau@hksyu.edu
Monday 2pm -5pm
Wednesday 10am -1pm