Dr. Siu, Yat-fan Nicolson

Assistant Professor 
Associate Director, Positive Psychology Laboratory  




- Human Cognition
- Neurodevelopmental & Psychiatric Disorders
- Psychological and Cognitive Interventions
- Chronic Pain Coping and Management

Ph.D., The Chinese University of Hong Kong
B.S.Sc. in Psychology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Peer Review Journals

Hui, B. P. H., Wu, A., Siu, N. Y., Chung, M. L., & Pun, N. (2019). The Effects of Need Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction on Flourishing among Young Chinese Gamers: The Mediating Role of Internet Gaming Disorder. International journal of environmental research and public health, 16(22), 4367.


Leong, J. L., Chen, S. X., Fung, H. H., Bond, M. H., Siu, N. Y., & Zhu, J. Y. (2019). Is Gratitude Always Beneficial   to Interpersonal Relationships? The Interplay of Grateful Disposition, Grateful Mood, and Grateful Expression Among Married Couples. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 0146167219842868. 


Przepiorka, A., Siu, N.Y.F., Szcześniak, M., Timoszyk-Tomczak, C., Le, J. J., & Muñoz, M. P. (2019). The Relation Between Personality, Time Perspective and Positive Orientation in Chile, Hong Kong, and Poland. Journal of Happiness Studies, 1-21. 


Przepiórka, A., Błachnio, A., & Siu, N.Y.F. (2019). The relationships between self-efficacy, self-control, chronotype, procrastination and sleep problems in young adults. Chronobiology international, 1-11. 


So, S. H. W., Siu, N.Y.F., Wong, H. L., Chan, W., & Garety, P. A. (2016). ‘Jumping to conclusions’ data-gathering bias in psychosis and other psychiatric disorders - Two meta-analyses of comparisons between patients and healthy individuals. Clinical Psychology Review, 46, 151-167. 


Siu, N.Y., Lam, H.H., Le, J.J. & Przepiorka, A.M. (2014). Time Perception and Time Perspective differences between Adolescents and Adults. Acta Psychologica, 151, 222-229. 


Chan, A.S., Sze, S.L., Siu, N.Y., Lau, E.M., & Cheung, M-c. (2013). A Chinese Mind-Body Exercise Improves Self-Control of Children with Autism: A Randomized Controlled Trial. PLoS ONE, 8(7): e68184. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0068184


Siu, Y.-F., Chan, S., Wong, K.-M. & Wong, W.-S. (2012). The Comorbidity of Chronic Pain and Sleep Disturbances in a Community Adolescent Sample: Prevalence and Association with Sociodemographic and Psychosocial Factors. Pain Medicine, 13, 1292–1303.


Book Chapters

婉儀、蕭一凡 (2020)園藝治療與生死教育 。載於馮婉儀 、郭翰琛 (編著 園藝治療與長者服務 – 種出身心好健康(55-86),香港:明窗出版社。


蕭一凡 婉儀 (2020)園藝治療應用於長者情緒健康 。載於馮婉儀 、郭翰琛 (編著 園藝治療與長者服務 – 種出身心好健康 (87-116),香港:明窗出版社。


蕭一凡黃達洋 (2020)園藝治療與認知障礙長者。載於馮婉儀 、郭翰琛 (編著 園藝治療與長者服務 – 種出身心好健康 (197-212),香港:明窗出版社。


Przepiorka, A., Sobol-Kwapinska, M., & Siu, N.Y. (2017). Time Perspective Management in Counseling. In Tokarska, U. (Ed.), Applied Psychology of Time. Poland: Polish Scientific Publishers.

Magazine Articles

Leung, B. & Siu, N.Y-F. (2019, September). Horticultural Therapy: Toward an Evidence-based Practice Symposium. American Horticultural Therapy Association Magazine, 47(2), pp.13.

Siu, N.Y.F., Chan, W.Y.Z, & Tsang, C.H.M. A pilot study on the effectiveness of horticultural therapy on improving the cognitive and psycho-social function of older adults. Presentation at 15th World Congress on Long Term Care in Chinese Communities cum 25th Annual Congress of Gerontology & 7th Cross-border Elderly Care Seminar, 29thNovember – 1st December, 2018 at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong.

Siu, N.Y.F., & Fung, Y.Y.C. The Development of Evidence-based Practice of Horticultural Therapy in Hong Kong: A study on Intellectual disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Presentation at American Horticultural Therapy Association Conference, 5th -6th October, 2018 at Denver, United States.

Przepiórka, A., Sobol-Kwapińska, M., Gut, A., Wołońciej, M., & Siu, N.Y. Cognitive Representations of Time in Relation to Culture. Presentation at The International Society for The Study of Individual Differences (ISSID), 24th-28th July, 2017, Warsaw, Poland.

Przepiórka, A., Sobol-Kwapińska, M., Gut, A., Siu, N.Y., Wołońciej, M., & Hirsch, J. We are approaching vacation: Time Representations Metaphor. Presentation at IX European IACCP Conference – From a Cross-Cultural Perspective: Conflicts and Cooperation in Shaping the Future of Europe, 16th-20th July, 2017, Warsaw, Poland.

Fung, Y.Y., Wong, E., & Siu, N.Y. Horticultural Therapy on Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder comorbid with Intellectual Disabilities. Presentation at Fu Hong Society 40thAnniversary Symposium, 1st -2nd June, 2017 at Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong.

Siu, N.Y., Przepiorka, A.M., Le, J.J. The Association between Attention Functions & Time Perception. Poster Presentation at 14th European Congress of Psychology, 7th-10th July, 2015 to be held at Milan, Italy.

Przepiorka, A.M., Szczesniak, M., Timoszyk-Tomczak, C., Siu, N,Y., & Le, J.J. Cross-cultural Comparison on the Relation between Time Perspective and Personality. Presentation at 2nd International Conference on Time Perspective, 29th July – 1st August, 2014 held at Warsaw, Polland.

Siu, N.Y., Lam, H.H., Le, J.J. & Przepiorka, A.M. The Relation between Time Perception and Time Perspective. Symposium: Definition and measure of time perspective: trends and developments across cultures. Presentation at 28th International Congress of Applied Psychology, 8-13 July, 2014 held at Paris, France.

Lam, B.C.P., Chen, S.X., & Siu, Y. -F. Social Axioms and Interpersonal Trust. Poster Presentation at 30th International Congress of Psychology, 22nd - 27th July, 2012 held at the Cape Town International Convention Center, Cape Town, South Africa.
Ad hoc reviewer for Pain Medicine, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture.

Assistant Editor, Open Access Books in Psychology, De Gruyter Open, 2014–Present

Assistant Editor, Open Access Books in Psychology, Versita Publishing, 2012–2014

Grants awarded as Principal Investigator (PI)

2019-2022, Faculty Development Scheme, Research Grants Council, Hong Kong. Enhancing Parents’ Competency to Support the Social and Emotional Needs of Young Children Through a Parent-based Empathy and Compassion Intervention. (Project No.: UGC/FDS15/H03/19) 
Amount funded: HK $1,059,439

Grants awarded as Co-Investigator (Co-I)

2020, External Grant, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Hong Kong. Youth Gambling Prevalence in Online Gaming and eSports Environment Research.
(Collaboration with Hong Kong Children and Youth Services & Department of Social Work) 
Amount funded: HK $486,160

2018, Inter-Institutional Development Scheme, Research Grants Council, Hong Kong.  
Positive Neuroscience: A Dialogue Between Scientists and Practitioners. 
(Project No.: UGC/IIDS15/H01/17) Amount funded: HK $785,665

Grants awarded as Team Member

2019-2022, Institutional Development Scheme (IDS) Collaborative Research Grant, Research Grants Council, Hong Kong.Youth Identity Status and its Psychosocial Correlates: A Longitudinal Study in Hong Kong. (Project No.: UGC/IDS(C)15/H01/19). 
(Principal Investigator: Prof. Cheung, Yuet Wah, Department of Sociology, Hong Kong Shue Yan University)
Amount funded: HK $3,730,796

GRS102 Cognitive Neuroscience and Daily Life

PSY100 Introductory Psychology 
PSY101 Core Competencies in Psychology 
PSY110 Biological Bases of Behavior 

PSY204 Personality and Individual Differences 
PSY303 Health Psychology 
PSY373-374 Capstone Project I-II 
PSY401-403 Research Thesis I-III
PSY405 Human Neuropsychology
PSY406 Specific Issues in Neuroscience

PSY411-412 Honours Research Project I-II
PSY506 Biological Bases of Behavior 

PSY509-10 Research Project I-II

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