Dr. CHIO, Hin-man Jasmine

Assistant Professor 
Director, BSS (Hons) in Psychology Programme
Director, Social and Health Psychology Laboratory  


- Work-family balance
- Workplace friendship 
- Stress & coping 
- Technology & well-being 
- Mental health promotion
- Social and health psychology 

Ph.D., The University of Hong Kong 
B.Soc.Sc. University of Macau


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Project Title: An explorative study on the positive side of work-family dynamics
Project Role: Principle investigator 
Funding Organization: Research Grant Council (RGC), Hong Kong SAR Government

Project Title: An interactive computer-based intervention to adopt safer sex practice for female university students: A multicentered randomized controlled trial 
Project Role: Co-investigator
Funding Organization: Research Council (RC) of the Hong Kong Food and Health Bureau

PSY100 Introductory Psychology
PSY200 Social Psychology 
PSY303 Health Psychology
PSY330 Advanced Social Psychology 
PSY350 Criminal Psychology 
PSY371-2 Research Project 
PSY390 Psychopathology 
PSY401-3 Research Thesis
PSY411-2 Honours Research Project

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            Hong Kong Shue Yan University,
            10 Wai Tsui Crescent, Braemer Hill,
            North Point, Hong Kong
Phone: 2570-7110 ext. 274
Fax: 2806-8044
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